About Us

The People’s Movement campaigns against any measures that further develop the EU into a federal super-state and works to defend and enhance popular sovereignty, democracy and social justice in Ireland.

Statement of Aims

  1. To defend and enhance Irish democracy and sovereignty and the primacy of Bunreacht na hÉireann and its institutions over EU supranational institutions and treaties.
  2. To oppose the development of the EU into a federal super state with its own institutions and constitution (or any proposed constitutional treaty giving the EU legal personality and primacy over Bunreacht na hÉireann).
  3. To foster support in Ireland and abroad for the transformation of the EU into an international Europe-wide treaty based association of Nation States co-operating in an open economic area and in other matters of common concern, while respecting the sovereignty and rights of member states.
  4. To advocate reform of current EU institutions and the repatriation of powers to national parliaments and other national or local democratic institutions.
  5. To develop and campaign for a policy of military neutrality and non-alignment to be inserted into Bunreacht na hÉireann. In addition, to maintain our current foreign policy regarding the primacy of the UN as the body empowered to resolve international, diplomatic and humanitarian crises and the sole body for the deployment of our defence and security forces in such crises.
  6. To advocate the fostering of co-operation with other non-aligned nation states in Europe and throughout the world on UN operational matters and the reform of the UN security council and other UN institutions. Also to renegotiate the PFP, so that all operations will be under joint command (i.e. non-aligned and NATO) and with UN approved.
  7. To advocate reform of our laws, democratic institutions and constitution, where necessary, to maintain and extend civil liberties.
  8. To inform and develop the knowledge and awareness of people on EU matters.
  9. To maintain the position of being attached to no political party and to oppose all forms of sectarianism, racism and sexism.

The Movement’s position on the European Union

A press statement issued by the European Union on 1 May 2004, the date on which ten new member states joined the European Union, can be read here in PDF format.